About Us

It all started on one typical night of cyber surfing and being awesome at the Rabicoff bachelor pad. Deciding to partake in the g33kiness for the evening and social media connecting, Ben was led to Facebook that night and found himself drawn to a photo of incredible staring right at him. In the upper right corner of the website – it was Lindsay. “People You May Know” proclaimed the Facebook site.

“Hrmm!,” exclaimed Ben’s internal monologue, “This girl’s kind of cute. How do I know her?” After a few clicks, Ben had revealed that this Lindsay character was a long-lost, unknown classmate from the Desert Mountain High School years… and so the stage was set. That night Ben friend requested Lindsay. Little did he know what lay ahead.

The next morning Lindsay awoke and her ritualistic g33kiness ensued. Performing her pre-work Facebook check, Lindsay discovered Ben’s friend request. “This guy is kind of studly,” thought Lindsay “ I think I remember him from high school.” In the two short affirmative clicks of Lindsay’s mouse, the two were officially connected on Facebook. The next month was filled with emails, and Facebook messaging. Each morning while Ben was at work, Lindsay was getting ready for work and the two would chat until one day they finally exchanged numbers.

Ben had a trip planned to Manhattan Beach, close to where Lindsay was living in SoCal. The two decided they would meet up, but inevitably the plans didn’t work out. Lindsay was stuck rocking out at a Paramore and No Doubt show (poor girl) and Ben was stuck living it up at the Six Man Tournament (poor guy). Alas, the two did not meet this day, but the next weekend Lindsay was headed home to Arizona.

Ben and Lindsay made official plans the following weekend to go out. Once arriving home in Arizona, Lindsay chatted her mom’s ear off about connecting with Ben and their upcoming hangout session. All Lindsay could focus on was one thought… ‘I hope he’s tall!’ The night Lindsay arrived in Arizona, Ben texted her. Their date wasn’t supposed to be until the next night but he was planning on going to an EPIC midnight viewing with his friend Mike and didn’t want Lindsay to miss out on the fun. Ben invited Lindsay to tag along. Despite mom’s advice of staying home for the night, Lindsay went out to catch the movie with Ben and Mike. (I mean a girl has to experience her first midnight viewing at some point, right?)

That night, Ben, Lindsay, (and Mike) all went to G.I Joe … the greatest epic fail of movies that year. Laughter ensued, shenanigans were had, and luckily, Ben was tall. The two talked the rest of the night and the rest was soon to be history.

And just to think, it all started with a friend request.